photography is my second greatest passion next to dance. to me, it's getting to document how I see you and the world.  currently, i'm a working professional in the dance industry - teaching, choreographing, and dancing - and managing my 2 small businesses . most of my free time is spent doing this, surfing, and bringing my client's ideas to life. no idea is too big or too small!
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if there's one thing I stand by is real people, real experiences, and real moments.
.  .  .
my work usually begins with a mood board of some sort (thank you to the creator of pinterest) and slowly comes to life when the model, outfit, and location all come together. 
when I say anything is possible, I really mean it

each shoot of its own will always be different depending on the day, so you know you're not getting a cookie cutter stock image. the images represent you! (with just a little hint of me in it as well).

my vibe is your vibe, but also a little bit of minimalism...
my heart loves a good neutral color palette with pops of color and creating photos that are meaningful. whether we shoot at the beach or on a busy street, I always bring my posing back to what compliments you as well as the architecture surrounding you.  it's hard to say I have a "bright" or "mood" aesthetic, because capturing memories isn't always one or the other and that's the beauty of photography itself.​​​​​​​
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